New EP will be released soon!


FEAR FOR EVER – The Double Headline Tour 2024

Fear Lab and Eversis slam their fists together. The FEAR FOR EVER – Double Headline Tour 2024 will stir up a lot of dust on stages in Switzerland and Poland with its explosive mix. For metal fans, this is the perfect opportunity to see two refreshing bands come together for an unforgettable spectacle. Put your cap on and tie your shoes, it's going to be wild!

About Us

Fear Lab – seemingly out of nowhere the Swiss trio catapulted themself straight into the hearts of their fans. Since their inception in 2015, the band has turned from a relaxed hobby into a powerful musical force. After taking their first steps in alternative metal and crossover styles, they quickly recognized the need to pursue their vision uncompromisingly direct and more persistently.

With their first EP “Ready to Fall”, Fear Lab makes an explosive statement. The metalcore and post-hardcore influences are unmistakable and give the songs grit and an intensity that gets under your skin. The lyrics are relentless but honest – they explore the abyss of human vulnerabilities such as depression, fear of loss, identity crisis and death. Working on the EP has helped the musicians confront their own fears and doubts. They want to share these cathartic experiences with their listeners, offering them a way to emerge stronger from the dark depths of life.

Fear Lab's music is characterized by an innovative combination of punchy riffs, thunderous drums and multi-layered vocals. The band skilfully weave clean vocals with powerful screams to create an emotional and dynamic soundscape that captivates listeners. Their live performances are characterized by an incomparable presence and energy that captivates the audience from the moment they hit the stage to well past the last encore.

The band has already caused quite a stir in numerous clubs and bars throughout Switzerland and Germany. Radio interviews and enthusiastic fans are a great testimony for their success. In 2022 Fear Lab finished 2nd overall at the prestigious SPH Music Masters, a national band competition and won in the category of best style mix.

Are you ready for storm that is brewing? Then hold on tight because Fear Lab is here to stay!